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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Did a Movie Star Meet with a Wapella Army Officer? does not divulge matters of national security, but we will leave this one up to your discretion. People Magazine has run a photo of what looks to be a Wapella Army Officer, Bill Williams, meeting with Jessica Simpson. Hard to tell, as the photo is a bit small, and Bill is a hard one to classify, but this could be our man in action.

In Bill's favor, most movie stars are strangely attracted to him. Also, Bill's father Dick Williams is a big fan of Waylon Jennings, the troubadour who sang the theme from "The Dukes of Hazard", which was recently remade starring Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke.

Could Simpson have been so lucky as to catch a glimpse of Hog City Original, Bill Williams in action? (Click on the Photo for a larger view)


Anonymous said...

that does look like Billy right by Jessica's left ear

Anonymous said...

How did she resist Guillermo's wiles? Doesn't he drive all women wild? Did they race around the block?


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