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Monday, April 21, 2008

Can't find that Song

Anyone come up with Shoe String? I cannot find it anywhere. Is it actually Mel McDaniel?

I'll take an MP3 of it being sung by The Tavern Chorus if you have it.


Anonymous said...

"Shoe String" was on Mel McDaniel's 1985 album "Stand Up" which is no longer in print. Amazon marketplace has a few copies of the CD listed, starting at around 21 bucks.

I didn't know Suitcase, but some of my Wapella relatives probably did, and he sounds like a great guy.

Anonymous said...

if you know the genre, you could easliy find it using google or any other wed database

CDOBs said...

Thanks team,

It is country music. Can you get an MP3 for me?

send to


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