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Monday, March 31, 2008

Along Came Twitty

Somewhere in my (and most Hog City Loyalists) long standing devotion to the Ol' Possum, George Jones, I have overlooked another great Country and Rock star who overlapped with No-Show's genre. Yes, Conway Twitty could cover Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Country, and a Ballad or two in his 4 decade career. Here's Conway doing a song I heard for the first time this morning, "I Vibrate". Keep an eye on your feet, and see if Conway is right.

Listen to "I Vibrate"

No points quiz: What was Conway Twitty's birth name? (too easy, next)


Anonymous said...

James Michael Holland?

Anonymous said...

Harold Jenkins

He plays minor league baseball for the pirates before he joined the army.

I have to say that Celena Sims (Derrick '91) does a great Loretta with our parity of "Heyworth woman, Wapella man” If you ask my Uncle Dwight (MPT) my Conway sounds like George....he is so hateful

Anonymous said...

correction: He played for the Phillies program

Anonymous said...

Mr. Toohill Beef has way too much time on his hands. Lets get those meat orders in, PLEASE...

Peace out Bro...You're only funny cause I let you be!

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