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Friday, March 21, 2008

Mighty Irish on their Way to Final Four

You should have laid your money down yesterday if you were pulling for the Irish, because they odds just got a lot shorter after the Irish smacked the George Mason Patriots yesterday 68-50.

The stars are aligned with the shamrocks, here come the Irish.

Gratuitous photo of St. Pats day in Chicago with two Leprechauns, two points if you can name the one on the Left and his famous father.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Jimmy Breslin.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, it is likely a Daley (John) with father being Richard J.

Anonymous said...

Central Illinois had a blackout on the Irish last night in favor of the Badgers/Cal State Fullerton matchup. All you could do was watch the little scoreboard. But Mike Brey's squad put forth a strong effort against a media darling from year's past. Go Irish!

On location in Wapella,


Anonymous said...

The Irish are depicted in a way that offends me in this photograph. That goes for both of the parties.

Chief O'Illiniwek

Anonymous said...

Big Al of the future has obviously succeeded in building his time machine and is using it exclusively to attend the great St. Patty's Day parades of the past.

Anonymous said...

I thought AL gave up on the time machine when morris day refused to give him an autograph.
He obviously started back up and built the damn thing.

All NCAA games can be seen for free on there is about a 34 seconds delay.

Anonymous said...

Good lord!

That does look like a short fat Irish AJ Weinheimer, despite Morris Day's best efforts.

Anonymous said...

AL of the future has been spotted in the 70's!!!

Heff's Grotto St. Patrick's day 1977

Has anyone from Wapella ever thrown away a PB magazine?

Anonymous said...

Ya, my Mom.

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