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Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patricks Day: Go Fighting Irish!

In a departure from our uneven-handed pro-Illini editorial policy, has come out to back the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in the tournament season.

In an likely series of events, the Fighting Illini were drubbed by the Badgers, ending their remarkable Big Ten tournament. Then our fallback the ISU Redbirds were snubbed by the tyranny of 64. So, with no one else to back (except for maybe the Drake Bulldogs), one only had to look at the calendar to find our endorsement.

In a unanimous decision of the Board of Wapella Historians, celebrates St. Patricks Day of 2008 by cheering on the The Fighting Irish in the NCAA Tourney. It was a tough, but fair decision, and it will probably change once the board sobers up a bit. But the decision is final (or temporary, or just plain wrong, and those Bulldogs are tough and more interesting than the Irish), we are staking the flag for the Fighting Irish today.


Anonymous said...

Boiler Up!!!! I'd like to see Matt Painter and his boys make a run. Baylor is a tough first round game though. Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

If the Fisher Bunnies can't make a run, I'm pulling for those New Berlin Pretzels.

Anonymous said...

Freeport Pretzels and Centralia Orphans.

Danny Freedom said...

Why Notre Dame? Many more Wapella grads have gone on to stardom at Marquette... I think.

JBP said...

It was St. Pat's day...stars were aligned for the Fighting Irish.

The Board of Wapella Historians is very interested in numerical coincidences and its relation to sporting activities and gambling lines.


Anonymous said...

Season over. Wazzu wins. Go Pac.


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