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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hat Tip to Wildcats in Service

One of the great features of the Google Interface for the site is a trace on where people are reading the Wapella info. Many are in Wapella, more are in Bloomington, at least one really busy man is in Alabama...and a recent uptake from the Middle East.

So for anyone from Hog City or the vicinity trying to catch-up on the Wapella news, have at putting a blue and white shade on the internet. For hi-action historical fiction and music trivia, we have you covered.

A big tip of the hat for our men and women in military service, wherever they may be. May your blue-and-white shine through your desert camo when needed.


Anonymous said...

Wapella's own John E. Wheat will be home from Iraq this week in times for St. Patrick's Day. God bless ya, Sarge!

Anonymous said...

R Dubya Williams (known as "sweet swinging Billy Williams" or the "fastest man in Wapella" after beating Jeff Finger in a race around the block in the mid/late 70's on the south side of Wapella) is making it happen in Kuwait. '85 WHS ---- CHA HE, CHA HA!!! bbd

Anonymous said...

BBD - wasn't the race in question one of the more controversial in Wapella history? I know the south side's official time-keepers in the 70's were dubious at best.

Nicky Morris was the fastest on our side of town. He prevailed in the infamous "Nicky on foot vs. Mark Roemer on ten-speed" contest.

Anonymous said...

Very timely - Happy Birthday to General RW Williams on 3/12 - #41??

Anonymous said...

Guillermo Williams is 41 today indeed.

EEP, there was nothing controversial about the dude vs. RWW road race...the dude still had solid wheels at that point in time but RWW was a machine. The dude needed the 442 to take Billy.

Good to hear about the north end man vs. machine. I would not bet against fellow '85er Nick Morris. Nick will soon be 41 himself - I believe on 3/20 - happy birthday to a great Khoury League catcher.

- bbd

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Generalissimo Williams. I for one have no doubt that you thumped Senor Finger.

Thank you also for defending our nation. It is appreciated.

Your Primo,


Anonymous said...

Happy 41st, RWW. Though I still have my doubts about you vs. JDF, you are a fine Wildcat and a great delegate of the Chuck Taylor style! A beer or two with Timmy Mollet is in order!

Anonymous said...

P.S: In what is sure to be a bestseller, I'm conducting research for my magnum opus: "Breeding Habits of Wapella Wildcats."

March/spring seems to be a popular Wapella birthing month.

3/19 alone produced:
Mary Rita Powers
Rick Holland
Rebecca Buraglio (Toohill)

Legend of song and stage, Jimmy Holland

Billy Williams

Any other proud Wildcat b-days in March????

Anonymous said...

Although they are computer challenged and have a hard time finding, both my parents have birthdays in March RL on 3/10 and Patti on the 3/20.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the big names just keep on coming!

Can any other month touch March at this point?

Anonymous said...

That's a ridicolous question for you yourself to be asking EEP. My vote would be for January, with March a good, but relatively close second...

Anonymous said...

December - Ralph E Cooper, Mike A Merida, Tara C Ryan, one of the Schmid's Paul? (all same date?) + Clem Toohill and Leo Powers ---- tough month to beat

Mills and EEP will be pleased to know that Richard Powers is a January birthday...


Anonymous said...

Add Derek Fryman to December

Anonymous said...

It's hot in June and July. Hence, 9 months later, babies.

Anonymous said...

Bill Holland and Jim Murphy are both January as well.

Anonymous said...

Several Schmids in December. Steve, Judy, Larry, Jennifer, Jeff, Jane, Paul.

Anonymous said...

I believe the CM Toohill family alone could win with the month of April. To many to list besides I don't remember them!

April is good although it is no August uncle tom and I have declared a national holiday on midnight of the 15th.

Ps Uncle Matt who do you share a birthday with?...........was he on Blazing Saddles?

Anonymous said...

MP Toohill always reminded me of Sheriff Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize our country was still being protected by Billy and JE Wheat. This may explain that uneasy feeling I get at night.

Seriously, I wish both good fellows a safe tour. A belated Happy Birthday to Billy, as well. Remember: you represent Wapella whether in Kenney or Qatar.

Kansas Cat

Anonymous said...

Jenee Sprague, daughter of Jackie Harris Slayback will begin her
2nd tour of duty to Kuwait/Iraq on April 17th. She will be providing security for the Army transportation unit (convoy) with the Air Force.

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