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Friday, December 7, 2007

Gorgeous and Georgeous: Anyone Going to Milwaukee?

Getting back to the central theme of, here is the Old Possum with Tammy Wynette making the commute from Nashville to Milwaukee, most certainly through Wapella, in the classic "Milwaukee Here I Come".


ATD said...

I wouldn't mind except it is snowing up there. I wish to address two things.

1) Merry Christmas to cousin Gaherty.

2) J.B. your comments are bleeding into you headlines again. Since you now control the postings it seems like a simple fix-add two returns after original headline. I feel like I miss the bus on your troubles with posting. I am sure you'll all work it out.

Anonymous said...

Now that snow and ice have covered up all those leaves, I was wondering if we could get some opinions on Billy Joel... Cash Dillon's new song, "Christmas In Fallujah"?

Anonymous said...

It is Cass Dillon, sorry for the error.

ATD said...

Is anyone else allowed to come out and play?

Anonymous said...

Any comments on the Phantom timeout?

Anonymous said...

I was there and he definitely called a time-out. It was a bogus "non-call". We would've sent Meacham to the line who would've (hopefully) made at least one freethrow to win the game for the Illini.
Many upset Illini fans at the United Center.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. That game could cost the Illini a March Madness ticket.

Lets change teams for a second.

If the Salukis had a 6th grade Curt Olsen to shoot from the perimeter they would be ranked in the top 10.
There are so many Jr. High ballers that could destroy the Salukis in a 3 point contest it is disheartening.

All that D and so little O

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