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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Good Year for The Illini

9-3 is a not only a good year, but a great year for the Illini, resulting in the first Rose Bowl bid for the Illini in 24 years. Someone took all the George Jones version of GYFTR down from YouTube, so here is the next best thing, Costello doing Good Year for The Roses, which 2007 certainly has been. Is anyone going to Pasedena?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song JB. It smooth the brokenhearted in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

this is great ! can we do it in wapella next ?

Anonymous said...

Although I am not a fan of College football because of its BCS (Boggus conclusion system), It is nice to see a coach come in like Zook has and keep his word. He told his kids they would be in a bowl after last season.

Anonymous said...

A good year?? I would consider this one of out greatest years, let alone our potential for next year.

Congrats to Coach Zook and the Fighting Illini. Its about time we got a legit Coach at U of I!

As much as I would hate it if it happened to Illinois, but Missouri honestly got what they deserved. You honestly can't expect to get a A** Whoopin like that and still get in a big time bowl.

Go ILLINI!! Take down those Trojans!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a bad Beach Boys remake of the Illinois to Pasadena song back in 1983?


Anonymous said...

As a long-suffering Illini fan I am thrilled to see the Orange and Blue in the Rose Bowl. I remember countless Saturdays as a child, running down the battery in RJR's grain truck listening to Jim Turpin describe loss after inept loss. His "color" man Loren Tate was a constant annoyance and probably still is. Let's hope the Illini fight the good fight against a very worthy opponent. The University of Watts has a fine team.

Lost in all of this is The Chief. He would have loved to attend the game and perform at the half.

I am working with several Anatolians to lobby USC for a more politically correct nickname.

I'd like to plug the Sun Devils who were left out of the Bewildering Circus of Sport series and sent to San Diego. Please cheer them on So Cal.


Anonymous said...

IRBW, I watched this on wcia this morning, they were talking about the song from 83!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

>Lost in all of this is The Chief. He
>would have loved to attend the game
>and perform at the half

The curse of the Chief has finally been lifted, and you want to bring it back? Ridiculous.

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