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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Going all Zeigler all the Time

At the risk of going all Zeigler all the time, the Franklin County city keeps getting more interesting. Mary Leiter, later Lady Curzon, the Baroness and Vicereine of India, who restored the Taj Mahal (and made the interior look something like Marshall Fields, which her family owned) lived in Zeigler. Lady Curzon's husband was the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, who was definitely not from Zeigler. Lady Curzon long held the highest political rank ever held by an American (and thus Zeigler resident) in the British Empire.

As noted below Professor Holonyak was born in Zeigler where his father was a coal miner perhaps working for Levi Leiter, Mary's father, who owned coal interests in Franklin County.

There you have three big name celebrities linked forever to Zeigler, yet there is a fourth, who is one of the defining members of the Wildcat Community. Though not born in Wapella, nor an athlete for the Wildcats, #4 is one of the greatest sportsmen in Hog City history. The contest is still open, can you identify the Wapella-Zeigler connection?


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm... dont know anyone from Ziegler, but ther IS a Ron Ziegler that lives in Wapella, and an Erik Ziegler that once had part owenrship of a bar in Wapella.

Anonymous said...

Good guess JMK -

Erik Ziegler was a pleasant fellow to wildcats in the 80s. He has earned respect from the hog city community.

Could Mike Gergler (sp?) play a role somehow only based on similar phonics? bbd

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