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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Boots Randolph RIP

No one sums up Hog City humor like Benny Hill. His lowbrow winking antics were just the tonic for those that thought Monty Python was the epitome of humor. But half of the fun of Benny Hill was his theme song from Boots Randolph, Yakety Sax. When the sax began yakking, you could hear the hijinks honking away from Hill and his half dressed foils.

From Paducah Kentucky, Randolph served in the Army in WW2 and played in Dink Welch's CopyCats band in Decatur Illinois till 1957. Randolph also played with many rock and roll and country artists including Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chet Atkins. His music was frequently used on the CBS NFL Football Highlights to spotlight a recovery from a botched play, or a mad scramble.

You want to hear it? Here is Yakety Sax from the master, Boots Randolph. For you sax-a-fans out there Boots used a a Selmer Super 80 Series II with a Bobby Dukoff D-9 mouthpiece, and a #3 Rico reed. Boots Randolph died July 3, 2007 at the age of 80. May he Rest in Peace.


Anonymous said...

I thought was dedicated to cutting edge news. This story is stale, with a byline of 3 July. I've paid my respects to the respectable BR. RIP, once more, Boots.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from the Rudy James Orchestra, last seeing playing on the Theta Xi lawn in April 1983?

Is Boots related to Jay?


Moderator said...

HG: Just discovered the Decautr connection for Boots, and got my Mojo magazine from England a month late as usual.

BEP: Yes, he sure reminds me of Jay "Jennings" Randolph. I do not think Boots' father was a Senator from West Virginia, though.

Anonymous said...

BORING...where is the wapapalooza update?

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