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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Put Out More Flags

Or how Heyworth reacted to the Wapella 150 Flag contest. I must admit, Heyworth 151 is a great flag, and serves the purpose of boosting our good Hornet neighbor to the North. This shot from the Heyworth American Legion, a great civic and fraternal organization that promotes the best qualities in neighborliness, patriotism, and civility. Hornets, I applaud you, but for simplicity sake, I am sticking with the Hog City Banner. So, to welcome, the Wapella Flag Commssion has been officially chosen, and the big names are in:

1) Chairman: Bill Morris
2) Jason Karr
3) Linda Jackson
4) Sean Holland
5) Beth Fryman

To the best of my knowledge, there can be no better choice for Civic Pride, Banner Fliers, and All Around Wildcats than the above Starting 5. Go Wapella!

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