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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photography Website Features Wapella

The great Welsh photographer James Morris (perhaps a distant relation to the Hog City original James "Jimmy" Morris) has launched a new website, aptly named, highlighting his architectural photography, spanning from Cairo, Egypt, to Butabu in West Africa, with a big stop in Italy (where James' wife is a Contessa in the Royal House of Savoy) and a couple of trips to the USA, one of which took him to Wapella in September of 2004.
You may have dodged James, who drives British style (on the left hand side of the road, regardless of prevailing local conditions), while ambling out in Wilson Township (pictured), as he drove south from Merna to Wapella via Irish Row. There are a few pictures of Wapella on his website, as he extensively photographed both the Wapella Christian Church and St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

A little help here! I'm sure I'm not very clever, but I am not putting my finger on the Wildcat photos when I exit the friendly confines of


Anonymous said...

Hoosier, I'm with you. Where, exactly, are the Wapella area photos on Morris' website?

Moderator said...

One thing the Welshman could use is an index which follows western logic.

Here are 2 Wapella shots I found from James..


There are probably more on his site, if JM would press refresh on his server, as it looks like 20+ additional shots got loaded this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I drove down one of those roads Thursday night, in the fog. My passenger was white-knuckling. It is much friendlier in the daylight.


Anonymous said...

I was the passenger! Holy S#$% felt like we were driving through the woods. A different story in the got to see the Car on top of the barn! Anyone know it's history?


Anonymous said...


Watch out for BEP on the country roads - did he pull out his Air Supply box set? bbd

Anonymous said...

My Air Supply box set is passe. I had the Barry Manilow Greatest Hits collection.


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