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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Field Days

The always hospitable Wapella Great James Toohill, announces a Field Day at Toohill Seed and Beef. All are welcome. Thanks for the invite James!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to dunk John Powers, is he going to be there? he has been asking for it for years.

Anonymous said...

I'd empty out a bank account to pay for chances on dunking JP...

JBP said...


I have seen you throw. You should not only empty your bank account but pack a lunch and bring a kit bag if you can hang in long enough to dunk me.


Anonymous said...

Man I could go for some Toohill brats, beef, and holiday hams. Will Danny be sharing tips from the old CCD class?

Is the true identity of wannadunkpowers Dick Burk? Dick has been out to get the mod since the mod broke his Ford Escort windshield on an erratic throw from short during an 82 WHS baseball game. Old grudges are hard to put in the rear view mirror. bbd

Anonymous said...

A beef ham. That is innovation.

The Mod cannot swim, so let's be kind.

I don't vote for Dick B. The Mod's nemesis list is long and it could be any number of folks who are not currently incarcerated.

The real question: Why would the Mod EVER have played shortstop?


Anonymous said...

I must come to my fellow wildcats for this information: What is the scoop on the big ten network?? Will we still get most of the illini football games on abc and espn? I have dish network and will not be getting the b10 network. Does that mean I will just miss a couple of the early low profile games? It is all confusing to me? any insight would be great! thanks,

Anonymous said...

a "beef ham" comes from over 150 years of intensive breeding of cattle, hogs and solid waste from a male cow. i learned this and everything else i know about agriculture from none other than Scott Cunningham.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean Scott Cunningham?
He earned the name none other than

Murphy 1986

Anonymous said...


Below is an email I received from U of I athletic department.

Dear Fighting Illini Fans:

With A FEW DAYS remaining before the launch of the Big Ten Network on August 30, I want to update you on the progress of the network's negotiations with Comcast/Insight and the other large cable providers.

We do not want you to miss Fighting Illini games which will be televised on the Big Ten Network, including 5-7 football and 18-21 men's basketball games. Therefore, we feel compelled to alert Comcast/Insight customers that the Big Ten Network will NOT be available on its systems and it is now time to consider finding another cable or satellite provider that has agreed to carry the network.

As of today, the Big Ten Network has national agreements with DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse and completed deals with nearly 100 cable companies across the Midwest. However, some large cable providers have not yet agreed to make the Big Ten Network available on expanded basic cable.

Conversations in the last few weeks with some of the nation's largest cable providers have been productive. The negotiations with Comcast/Insight are the notable exception to that trend.

You do have options. Visit and enter your zip code to find a cable or satellite provider in your area that carries the network.

We need your help today. If you don't want to miss any of the action, please take the following steps today and every day leading up to the launch of the network:

Call 1-866-WANT-B10 right now and let Comcast/Insight know that you want the Big Ten Network as part of your basic cable package. Illinois fans shouldn't have to pay extra to see your favorite teams.
Tell a friend. Forward this email to your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to get involved. The cable companies need to hear from Illinois fans today.

Anonymous said...

Murphy's good cousin from the north nick named Cunningham Cheekco i have to know the story behind SHAKE, please advise

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