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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bobby Gallagher: Where Are You?

Having once graced the confines of Hog City, will the Gallagher clan be attending an attempted Guinness World Record event of the largest gathering of same last names ever? The organizers of 'The Gallagher Clan Global Gathering' are inviting every Gallagher in the world to the Guinness World Record attempt of the Largest Same Name Gathering. So, organizers plan to try to track down everyone in the world with the surname Gallagher, and hold the event in County Donegal, Ireland, where the name has it's origins.
Sources say the most famous Gallaghers on the planet - Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis - have been invited to attend. But a bigger question for Hog City: will Bobby Gallagher, Jimmy "Squelch" Gallagher and family attend? Does anyone know their whereabouts? Will they jam with 2/3 of Oasis???
Will this event have more Irishmen per capita then Wapella's Donovan reunion?


Anonymous said...

Great Band! Too bad they couldn't play at Wapellooza.


Anonymous said...

Too bad we don't have an update on Wapapalooza..

Anonymous said...

wapapalooza, wapellooza or wapa-palooza??

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Wapalooza? But I think the correct spelling, per The Circle sign, is Wapapalooza....

News on The Gallagher’s takes precedence over reports of seeing the Class of ’82 doing jello shots and dancing to Black Sabbath.

Anonymous said...

Help those of us not familiar with Clan Gallagher to get all of this.


Anonymous said...

To answer the update question...Wapa-palooza was a great success this year, 450 people attended! No additions to the barred list, just a few were asked to leave. Hope everyone enjoyed the entertainment, haven't heard many comments good or bad about the bands.


Anonymous said...


The Gallagher's lived on the north side of town, I think a few spots north of Pete Holland's house. There were at least 3 boys, maybe more - I always got lost after Jim and Bob.

They were a friendly bunch and liked baseball and maybe some occassional front yard football. Jimmy, oldest of the group who should be 39 now, had an ear-piercing yell as a young lad and that combined with the CB craze earned him the nickname squelch. I'm sure that puberty may have solved some of that. The Gallager boys were frequent occupants of Tom Mollet's orange Apollo.

I had a few beers with Jim at Wapella Tap about 10 years ago. The family had relocated to Seneca and he sang the praises of Seneca for some time that night.

We were fortunate enough to go to Wapa-palooza. It was a jolly good time, Trisha served up a cold brew to my wife and me. The highlight of the weekend was the fine singing and entertainment (karaoke style) @ the Circle the night before.


Anonymous said...

BBD, Many thanks to you for the informercial. I may have met Squelch at some point. A unique name.

Call Phil Specter to see if he can get them a gig.


Anonymous said...

Did the one known as Squelch graduate from Seneca HS around 1986 or 1987? If so, I believe I remember him while I was a sportswriter and sportscaster in Ottawa during that time.

Anonymous said...

I second BBD's comment that Karaoke at the Irish Circle was a weekend highlight. I was somewhat distressed when a large number of patrons departed the premises when several Wildcat alumnae gave voice to such standards as Paul Anka's "Having My Baby, and" The Carpenters' "Hurting Each Other." Songs of this genre were the mainstay of the WHS Marching Wildcats and did much to add to the musicality of our fair village. I was happy to hear these old gems sounded out in good voice, but somewhat disturbed to learn that present-day Wildcats (or were they Hornets???) may have lost touch with their unique musical heritage. Does anyone else recall the gusto with which the Marching Wildcats put into the Morris Alpert tear-jerker "Feelings"?


Moderator said...


That is correct on Jimmy "Squelch" Gallagher. One of the Gallaghers was the all-time single season HR leader for Seneca (I think). Also, I think Darren Keller was the single season HR leader for BHS.

What the Wildcats would have done with such talent!


Anonymous said...

I believe they went to St Pats. they had 4 boys the youngest is my brothers age,now 31, i think we helped them pack up when they moved it may have been the only time in my life i went to the circle and walked out with an empty box.

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