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Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 Reason Why Wapella is Comfortable

Wapella sure makes a comfortable backpack, at least according to Obus Forme. Not sure why this model is named the Wapella, but it looks like a good one. Buy a Wapella Backpack and show your WHS Pride by stitching Ironbird or Hog City on it or something.


Anonymous said...

Though if you stitch "I.M.F" on it, you risk having said backpack confiscated.

Anonymous said...

Good find Mr. Mod. That rain hood is a sweet feature. Sure to attract members of the opposite gender like a loose cold as they say. bbd

Anonymous said...

Does it come with a bath tissue dispenser? AJW says no to this model as it would keep him from dropping his books on babes, allowing him to meet them.

How's that rattle, bbd?


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