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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wilson Township Action

You may have thought you entered into an old episode of Columbo or Match Game with so many celebrities on site. But the big draw was Danny "Sunshine" Toohill bringing out the joy of the last 35 years. A quick rundown of the action
1) Schmid, Wilson, Ryan, Toohills all in heavy attendance as well as the likely suspects in the immediate family.
2) Slow cooked pork butt brings in people dreaming of the cornbread and bean festival.
3) Game show format entertains all with a customized version of the Newlywed Game.
Now I would take Danny and RoseAnn vs. most anyone in the Newlywed Game, but when many in your family have the looks of Jack Cassidy, the wit of Richard Dawson, and the delivery of Fanny Flagg, wouldn't you consider the Match Game?
Which Toohill does the picture on the Left look most like?


jmk said...

Huey Toohill comes to mind

EEP said...

Or Spike.
L.P. a close 3rd.

Mr Toohill Beef said...

to quote johnny cash "it ain't me babe"

Does anyone out there in hog city land know where i can find a DUNK TANK?

Anonymous said...

None of the Toohills look like him, although a number sing like son David and swing like son Sean.

I would associate the Toohill brothers with one Chas. N. Reilly, the true star of Match Game.


Anonymous said...

Toohill Beef raises an interesting socio - geographic issue: Hog City land? Is it a metroplex? Is it a region (HC Regional Authority sounds good) or a village? Is it just a state of mind?

The answer will be key to the future of fair city.


George said...

Village of Wapella has a dunk tank down at the village shed.

Mr Toohill beef said...

Thank you george

I say that Hog City Land is as far east as Irish Row,west to Jimtown, North to the county line and good cousin Raymond is the southern end

EEP said...

The sun never sets on the Hog City empire. Sons and duaghters of the Wildcat spread far and wide.

Anonymous said...

where did you learn to sepll?

EEP said...

Good stuff. That's good, solid comedy.

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