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Monday, July 2, 2007

Put Out More Flags

While Greg Toohill was bravely putting out the fires, some civic minded citizens were putting out the Flags for Wapella's Patriotic Holidays.

These are from Flag Day, but I think we can show them for the upcoming Independence Day Holiday. If there was ever a town that was independent, it is Hog City, still doing its best to stay clear of the County, State, and Federals in a valiant attempt to keep the Spirit of '76 alive. A Salute to all those who served, and those who continue to serve their country is in order for this July 4, so here it goes...Full Salute. Do you have any Salutes in you for this holiday?

Thanks to Wapella Civic Leader David Taylor for the shot.


JB Powers said...

I salute Robert Ishmael, WWII Veteran, France and Europe including D-Day. Great conversationalist, church and community volunteer, and pleasant guy.

jmk said...

I want to salute my grandfathers, Melvin Karr, SGT US Army, WWII, wounded in France. Also Mark W. Lane, US Marines, Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

I would like to salute the Moderator for hosting such a website on our Independence day and for having the finest hair in all the land! With that being said I would also like to salute my dad, Ron Mills who served in Vietnam with the US Marines.

Anonymous said...

I salute my former neighbor to the East, Earnest Thorp, always of good spirit and an outstanding diarist of Wapella's contribution to the air war over Europe in the 1940's.


J.B. said...

Thanks Donovan Family for the flags, they looked great

jen1991 said...

I would like to salute my late grandpa, Everett Meadows, who was wounded in WWII. I would also like to salute all of our men and women who are serving.

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