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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Artificially Sweet Hog City

An ever alert reader, Jim Hull (who looks something like the Prince of Wales), asks a very pertinent question concerning Wapella advertsing history:

Do any of your subcribers recall what, I believe to be a cultural piece of signage that stood on the southwestern approach to Wapella, East side of Highway 51. Sign advertised anearly Splenda type product named-Sugariame (or maybe Sugartime)?

Quite a question, in my opinion, and per Mr Hull, knowing this piece of Wapella History can help make Wapella "a magnet for tourism" to which I heartily concur.

So, does anyone have more info on this billboard that stood in Wapella, braving the traffic to advertise the sweet life in Hog City?


Anonymous said...

I remember that sign. If I remember correctly, someone or somebody decided she needed more clothes on and did so in the middle of the nightin the form of paint. Their was an article in the Maroa newspaper complaining that the lady now had cover. He stated that obsene mind see obsenity everywhere. Rumor has it that it was some of the Solomen Ridge Runner from the late 50's

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued and would like to know more about the Solomon Ridge Runner(s). The history of Solomon likely has many veins of unmined ore.


Anonymous said...

Is a Solomon Ridge Runner larger than a jack-a-lope?


George said...

leailhIs it SOLOMON or SOLOMEN?

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous may have been trying to lead us astray by spelling Solomom, with an e, indicating it was men. When the reality is,the Solomon Ridge Runners were 5 young ladies, some still in school, and some graduated from WHS. I too must remain anonymous, for fear of my own safety. They were so secret, even they didn't know they existed

EEP said...

Solomon Ridge Runner?

What the hell does *any* of this mean?

Is a Ridge Runner more ferocious than a Dingo?

jen1991 said...

I'm at a loss. Exactly, what is a Solomen Ridge Runner? Anything like a Road Runner? Meep, meep!

Anonymous said...

Mod, sounds like the Ridge Runners are a version of the Templars and/or the Masons. Another secret society?


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