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Friday, July 13, 2007

Good Advice

This in the Pantagraph

people driving from Bloomington to Heyworth to exit U.S. 51 north of town and come in on a blacktop. People intending to go on south to Wapella or Clinton should “stay in the passing lane, be cautious and use good discretion,”

In other words, please be cautious and use discretion when entering Hog City.


Anonymous said...

All this traffic safety talk is fine from the Mayor but what is the Heyworth executive's position on the bartending certificate? He can't dodge the tough questions forever.


Anonymous said...

While visiting Hog City, Mayor Crum has been spotted at the Green Ring for a few cold beverages from time to time. After working with Mayor Crum for several months I can tell you this, as long as there are cold drinks and friendly atmosphere then Mayor Crum is pleased. While he received mixed reviews for it at the time, one of Mayor Crum's first agenda items when taking office over two years ago was extended hours and days of liquor sales in Hornet Territory. With lengthy discussion and debate the village board approved this. Mayor Crum is getting noticeable publicity in the Pantagraph as of late, due to the detoured traffic through Heyworth cause by I-74's tragic accident a few weeks ago. I would like to give him a certificate of appreciation as he always makes a point to throw Hog City's name out there every chance he gets.

David Taylor

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