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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sound the Trumpets! Flag Winner Announced

The winning design has been produced for the Flag contest. In between over 100 entries varying from artistic to downright bizarre, the attached graphic shows the style which won over the judges.

Quoting Wapella Flag Commision Chairman Bill Morris, "Wapella has needed a banner for some time now. The flag simply shows what we already know, but it still covers the important parts of the village history. Yeah Wapella!". The winning design, submitted by New York Architect Matt Alderman, and made production ready by Motorola Graphic Designer, Chris Drackett comes down to a few important elements:

1) Stripes Crossed to represent the English, Scottish, Irish, and Northern European heritage of many of the villagers.
2) Blue and White color design to reflect the town and school colors of Royal Blue and Brilliant White.
3) A text "W" for the village name and school mascot, the Wildcat
4) A numeric 1854 anchoring the flag on the village founding date

Further refinements include a coat of arms, marching banners, and street light hangers taking in and expanding on elements of the winning flag.


EEP said...

Well done, all! I like the flag - simple, classy, and to the point, much like Wapella's citizens themselves.

(Esp. like the classic "cross" design to signify Wapella's ethnic heritage, and the blue and white color scheme is obviously classic.)

Let's get moving on this - let's get it in front of the village and make it official.

Anonymous said...

As the men from the guiness commercials say:


what if the W was in an old english style typeface??

jen1991 said...

Very well done! I love it.

Anonymous said...

While I fought for my design like the wildcat that I am (car on barn, zz topp tree, and the Ironbird tribute), I'm looking at that winning flag with a tear in my eye (my allergies have been bothering me a little too). It hurts to know that some weenie from the big apple got the better of me on this one, but I kneel like Wayne and Garth with an old-fashioned "I'm not worthy" to Mr Alderman's work.

I look forward to seeing the flag flying high in Hog City. Could there be a finer Flag Commissioner than William Morris - I don't think so. Good work by all. bbd

EEP said...

Should the "W" and the "1854" be in blue also, or is that too much blue?

To paraphrase Nigel Tufnel, there would be "none more blue" if we went with that design.

jen1991 said...

My great opinion would be, I think that would be too much blue.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the flag for Finland, not a fan. I vote for a recount.


Anonymous said...

Cubs aren't cursed, they have just been historically bad and counting for 99 years. Maybe this is the year Bartman and the Billy Goat can have the blame lifted off their shoulders!


Anonymous said...

Concur on the Finnish comment. What's next, "Nokia, the official phone of Hog City" or some sort of utilitarian furniture store opening in town? The latter would fit in with the plan EEP and I hatched to make Hog City an alternative life style, for the ladies, haven.

Reminiscent of the bad 70's Jr. High hoops unis.


Anonymous said...

Flag looks good!


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