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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Spent last evening with some Wildcats, pouring over some old stories (mostly about the old Metropole in Bloomington). There were some non-Wildcats present, but I can assure you we kept the below in mind in excluding them from the conversation (from a post last year):

What makes a Wapella Wildcat? How does one keep cheering on the Blue and White when the town has been battered a time or ten? has noted a few handy tips

1) In mixed company, talk only about people from Wapella, despite the fact the you are the only one who knows the people you are talking about. Eventually, (maybe a year or two later) they will know whoyou are referring to, or never talk to you again.

2) React violently to old sports injustices. Someone think Maroa may have beaten Wapella in summer league basketball in 1980? Ker-splat.

3) While imbibing, volunteer for charitable activities and then complain about it constantly when you straighten up. Don't ask for sympathy or assistance, just gripe like you just stepped on a burr anytime you actually have to do even a moderate amount of work you volunteered for when you were intoxicated. When questioned why you volunteered to begin with, if all you were going to do is gripe, take a swing at your inquisitor, despite the fact you can't fight your way out of a paper bag..

Those suggestions really don't help much of anything, but they will getyou through a day wondering about the Good Life in Wapella. Anyone fromHog City got any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Another fine post by the Mod. Many years ago I shared story upon story with an old roommate, DG Spradlin, about the denizens of Hog City. He knew only a few natives. He mused that if the circus ever came to town most folks would join.


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