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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pets Only Please at Wapella Rabies Clinic

Here's a tip for anyone looking for some excitement this Saturday in Hog City. No word on whether you can microchip your inlaws with the same procedures. Bonus points if you can work "Second Chance" into your comments.

Come out on one of the Saturdays in March and get your pet vaccinated for a low cost!Only $8 for Parvo/Corona/Distemper vaccine and $8 for a rabies vaccine. We're also microchipping pets for $15. Times for each clinic are 1:00pm-3:00pm

March 6th Wapella, IL – Wapella Equipment Shed – 103 Maple St.

March 13th Waynesville, IL – Township Building

March 20th Weldon, IL – The old Fire Station (across from library)

March 27th Clinton, IL – The County building (corner of Hwy 51 South & North Walnut St.)

See our events page for more details.


Here's the Damned featuring Rat Scabies doing "New Rose" as a toast to Pet maintenance in Wapella.


EEP said...

Good call on the tune. Smokin'.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to microchip any in-laws, but I could see having a couple of them vaccinated for rabies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...that last comment was mine. Forgot to add this:


Anonymous said...

If you had them chipped you could see them coming. You could make yourself scarce. I am considering.


Anonymous said...

Drove through Wapella this afternoon. One sandwich board sign right off the highway in big red letters said "RABIES." Had I not read about it in, I would have thought I needed to beware because of a rabies outbreak. Where else but Wapella, would we advertise, "RABIES."
Thanks for the heads up

Anonymous said...


JMK said...

I have to whole-heartedly agree with SoCal. That would be a fabulous idea about micro chipping the in-laws. One can never be too prepared.

Anonymous said...

SoCal has great idea. I want it set to alert me automatically when they're approaching.


Anonymous said...

rabid dog trivia......what was the name of the rabid dog in to kill a mockingbird.....was it tim johnson - like the spooky central IL congressman?


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