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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wapella Man Paints the Town Vermilion

Jeff Toohill, WHS '88, approached perfection at the Vermilion Bowl (now puzzlingly named Clinton Lanes) Saturday evening. "I could feel 300, but I could also feel the beat of the disco music playing in the background at the alley. I couldn't help but shake my leg a time or two, which was a distraction, to say the least" exclaimed Toohill. Toohill held his own at the Van Buren Street Lanes hammering the pins till they begged for mercy, scoring a personal best of 107, placing him third in his family competition for the night.

At the end of the evening no perfection on the lanes but as close to it as you can get: The Toohill family then celebrated at El Rey's afterwards with some delicious authentic Mexican food washed down with beers and/or a magarita! Yumm!

Here's a mustache kit, beloved by many of the old pro bowlers, if you think that might help Jeff. Cut..paste..and strike!


Anonymous said...

Nothing says, "I just bowled a 300 game!!!!" like a beef and bean burrito from El Rey's!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing says bowling like the description of a Mexican dinner in Russian. That's livin'.

Lev Bronstein

Anonymous said...

Coke is the real thing in Russian?

Cpacubo [sic]

Frank Jackson

Anonymous said...

congrats to the Sheriff on his big night. I almost hit the Clinton bowl on Friday night. bbd

EEP said...

Well done, Cobb. Still the man after all these years.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Hummel - I am sure the Boilers would have choked anyway..

Gene Keady

Anonymous said...

Illinois will finish 19-14 and still make the NCAA tourney? How and why?

Redbird Man

Anonymous said...

Redbird Man,

Give it a rest. Let me encourage you to start your own website devoted to basketball scheduling grievances.

I'm here to stay on topic and say that, as always,

Jeff Toohill is my bowling hero!

I bow before him.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be a stormcloud but I've heard Jeff may have been on the juice when he put up those numbers. The guy is getting arms like Don Hasler and it seems to have happened overnight. I'm here to ask the tough questions. Come clean early, it will be best for all. bbd

Anonymous said...

Concur with BBD. The last thing Jeff wants is Greg doing a tell all on the juicing.


Anonymous said...

Butch's illegal incarceration appeal still pends before the Illinois Supreme Court.



JEFF was a hay baling machine as well. I was unaware of his abilities in the bowling alley until just now.

Who has the movie rights to "Cobb, Butch and Me: Life on Irish Row."? Is there an actor talented enough to portray COBB?

Anonymous said...

MTBeef asks a good question - who plays jeff in the hay-bailing film......I'm going with Tom Cruise - he has that cocky, hot-shot, devil-may-care attitude that JT bailed with. He was sort of the Maverick of the hay rack. bbd

EEP said...

Robert Shaw in "Quint" get up = Pete.

JBP said...

Jeff is more of a he-man than Tom Cruise could ever be.

I picture someone more like Clark Gable, if he wasn't already booked in his one-man show "The Life and Times of Daniel J. Toohill"

Anonymous said...

The Butch/Cobb thing may play best on the stage. Suggest the Conklin Dinner Theater. If that doesn't work I'd go with the All Toohill All the Time Cable Network.

Ted Turner

Anonymous said...

Jeff Bridges? It does not surprise me that Jeff is an excellent bowler, like his brothers, he was a hard worker and fine operator of farm equipment.


Anonymous said...

Another slow day at I guess this is what you get when no Illinois teams make the field of 65


Anonymous said...

Who can forget Bridges' immortal role as Jeff Lebowski? He and John Goodman's bowling alley interactions are timeless.


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