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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where were you in 1978?

Seems like yesterday, '78 that is, so when we looked in the archives 32 years ago in search of some old-timey material related to the Clinton Nuclear Plant, this old dusty still shines, a top list of conversation starters at Wapella establishments from the olden times.

7) That Bea Arthur has to wear a lot of makeup *not* to be a beautiful women. She really hides her candle under a bushel basket.

6) You ever think about robbing a bank? I know some of the security guards in Chestnut and they are not all they are cracked up to be

5) There is no way the Little River Band could top their hit Reminiscing, never. (Only to be eclipsed by the 1981 Ballad "Take it easy on me")

4) That Loni Anderson is a fox. But the girl that plays Bailey is better looking

3) If the Cubs could have re-signed George Mitterwald, I would like their chances a little better.

2) M*A*S*H could survive without Wayne Rogers, but they could never replace the great McLean Stevenson.

1) I could sure go for one of those hot dogs on the rotisserie. I wonder how long those things have been in there (Also #1 in 1979)

Let's have a little something for Pernell Roberts, May 18, 1928 – January 24, 2010, one of the most affable actors in Hollywood. Thanks for the good times Adam Cartwright, or Trapper John MD, for making it look easy.


Anonymous said...

This combination of LRB and the underappreciated Pernell Roberts is pure magic. I had never before put the two together.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mod,

Jan Smithers, who starred in "Where the Red Fern Grows" was a great actress. She is no Tanwy Kitean or Shannon Tweed.

I ran into Wayne Rogers last year here in Bham. He is a noted investment strategist. His mother lives here.

You and EEP have forsaken the Little River Band for Air Supply. Didn't EEP have a soft perm?

How about some pub for the AZ State Sun Devils?


Anonymous said...

Soft perm was popular at WHS for a short while.


Anonymous said...

AJW turned me back on to that song a few weeks ago - song is unstoppable. bbd

Anonymous said...

Any word from EEP on the Leif Garrett arrest?

E R Murrow

Anonymous said...

I recently got a “time to re-subscribe” notice from The Wall Street Journal, which has been, over the years, consistently denying that there is any inflation in anything, and thus suggesting that – with such a benign economic milieu, which keeps interest rates down – you should run out and buy stocks and bonds right away, using, one presumes, the WSJ to keep up with the news.

The interesting thing about the supposed competence of the WSJ in seeing inflation is that a subscription to the paper now costs $385 per year, whereas as early as the middle of 2004 it cost $338 for a TWO-year subscription. So The Wall Street Journal, as oblivious and clueless as ever, has seen its own prices more than double in 5 years, which comes out to a compounding of 14.87% increase per year, but yet they can’t see inflation in prices? Hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

price of WSJ in 1978?

JBP said...

Inflation is calculated across a wide variety of goods. Some prices go up (newspapers in your example)...Some go down (Mac Computers).

Anyway if you hijack this thread, I will delete your meanderings.


Anonymous said...

I was having a conversation/argument with an economist at the Tap in 1978. His bollocks was starting to work on the crowd so I leaped to my feet with a theatrical flourish and thunder, “It comes from an increase in the money supply, you moron! How in the hell did you think that it is possible for the prices of all things to go up without more money to pay for it all? Velocity of money? Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh, you miserable little halfwit!”

An old farmer bought us drinks because he said he enjoyed the show. The farmer told us time would tell which one of us was right and he warned us about buying things "On Time" or in other words, with credit.

Anonymous said...

I was there, it was actually at the Circle.

The reason it was so entertaining was because you were having the Beatles v. Bee Gee's argument when you started screaming about inflation, which had stopped being the topic of coversation an hour earlier.

You were absolutly right about the Beatles.


Anonymous said...

Inflation was calculated much more realisticly in 1978.
That is for sure for sure.

The way it is done now is bogus.

Anonymous said...


1978 was 32 years ago not 22.

You all can officially be called Old now.

Anonymous said...

Who deleted your math skills?

JBP said...

Done got it done. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the recent success of the Illini hoopsters?

The Chief

Anonymous said...

Wow. That video with LRB in the background really did something for me. That Adam Cartwright.....oh, if I were a woman......


Anonymous said...

The Hiding Illini are "hiding" at the top of the Big 10.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean if you were a woman..You always have been weimer.

Illini rock , bring on Bradley!

Robbie Hummel

Bradley said...


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