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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wapella in the Springtime

Spring has seemingly sprung on Wapella, as pleasant weather has taken hold, and new life is afoot.

Interestingly enough, three (scratch that, FIVE!) former Wildcats are also in line for new life in the upcoming months. Anne (Roesch) Leischner (WHS 1993), Lisa Holt (Not sure of married name)(WHS 1993), Sarah (Settles) Turner (WHS/CHS 1995), and Trisha (Mills) Isaac (WHS/CHS 1996) are all to be congratulated, as Spring in Hog City welcomes these new tykes with Wapella connections.

We're told Dawn (Sims) Fantuzzi (sp?) (WHS 1993) has HAD her twins (no details yet) so a big round of congrats go out to her and her family! My classmate, Uncle Derrick Sims especially!

Future visits to Wapella (their ancestral homeland, after all) for the newborns promises swimming in ditches after rain-fall, hanging out on Main St, and frequenting the Casey's gas station for underage booze and smokes (No Playboys like Buck's used to have, though.) This must excite the parents to no end! We kid, we kid! Congrats to the FIVE new Moms!

Lingering Question: does the birth of six Wildcat children within mere weeks of eachother support the long held (and somewhat disturbing) theory of mine on the mating pattern of Wapella residents?

My class (91) in high school had 3 people that shared the exact same birthday of 1/24 (Mills/Schick/Burdine) and myself and Kendra Honecker were also January brood. My Dad shares the same birthday with a Powers (M.R. (Kinsella) Powers) and two Toohills (Rebecca and Clem Jr) but you get the general idea. Wapella mating patterns. Worth a special on Discovery channel? The libido of the Wildcat was never in question, but is there something in the air that dictates these patterns?

Who else out there shares the excact same birthday, and what months (like the front-loaded January above) are heavy with visits to the maternity ward for Wildcat Moms?

(Pictured is Russell Brand, an English guy with a libido like a Wildcat and short shorts to match.)


Anonymous said...

don't forget Lisa Holt and Dawn Sims (Class of '93). The stork will be bringing bundles of joy their way soon.

JBP said...

I am in-sync with Bonnie Jean Geske.

Always a great match, and with one of my best friends.

Neither of us like In-Synch that much, which is also a plus.

Anonymous said...

hey powers, My mother and I have the same bday steve wynn

Anonymous said...

hey Wynn - your sister and I almost share birthdays.....I think she is 4/7 and I'm 4/9......85 shuck an jive! matt powers

Anonymous said...

and happy belated birthday (3/12) to Wapella's own Billy Dee Williams (85) - the Indy kid...bbd

Anonymous said...

Can anyone direct me to The time has come to let him go back to the MVC. Nice try Bruce.

How much will it cost to get Thad Matta, the Hoopesten native?

Maybe Lou has a few more games left in him.


Anonymous said...

Kurt and Quinn?

On a side note, those closest to the pair, often referred to them as "Kurt and Quinn" while others, detached from the duo, generally refer to them collectively as "Quinn and Kurt"
Believe it...or not.

H. Westfall Morris said...

Four of us in the class of '90 - Brandy Johnson, Doug Fleenor, Matt Morris, and myself, all born on 9/27 - although I believe Doug was 1971, not 1972. Not bad for a class of 23 kids.

EEP said...

HWM, to quote Rusty Griswold: "is that made up? That sounds made up."

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