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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Congrats ISU Redbirds

The Dayton Flyers stuffed the ISU Redbirds 63-42 in NIT Action in Dayton. The Redbirds end up the season a respectable 22-10. The dream matchup at Madison Square Garden vs. the Illini will not occur.

Like many of our commenters, I relish a good game between the Redbirds and the Illini. Also, green tomatoes and onions soaked in a light vinegar makes a delicious relish, but has very little to do with intrastate basketball.

Is there any chance of a matchup next year? How about Illini Football vs. Northwestern at Wrigley, there a vinegarry relish for you.


Anonymous said...

congrats UNI - showed up well for MVC.

Hopefully IL will play the Flyers to avenge their loss in 1990 NCAA that I watched at the Ground Round.


Anonymous said...

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God, genetics and the unique symbiotic relationship between Wapella men and herbicides/pesticides and heavy metal water, has blessed the male population. The Wapella male libido has been said to be analgous to the Bessmer Process (go look that up, Russians).

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Badger Cat

Anonymous said...

Badger Cat brings his pharmaceutical expertise to these pages--none too soon. His comments ring true. One must wonder though if he has a conflict of interest in this in trying to suppress competition? Does BC have the DeWitt County market cornered?


Anonymous said...

If people want Viagra, or any drug, they most certainly should be able to buy from whomever they wish...including these websites...if they feel they are a safe source.

My concern was centered on the insulting nature of trying to sell Viagra on to Wapella men.

Badger Cat

Anonymous said...

Or, in the alternative, a proliferation of Wapella men. Geneticists stay up late at night worrying about this.

Chuck Darwin

JBP said...

Geneticists stay up late at night worrying about do all the single ladies or widow women or something...

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