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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Needs Abe, Wapella's Got Al

Happy Birthday AJ Weinheimer (WHS '82), chief disaster recovery man at American Cleaning and Restoration in Carol Stream Illinois. An expert with the jump shot, quick with the wit, slow to anger, but highly engaged with a shop vac, Al has been making merry for 45 years now.

Three Cheers for Wapella's own AJ Weinheimer!


Anonymous said...

Hall of Famer for sure.
Happy b-day, Al! Hope to see you back in Hog City soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Al, many many more. Al made the winning basket when Wapella beat Clinton several years ago. He was a clutch shooter.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Allan's good looks!
Happy Birthday from all your friends in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Go Al Go. Your prime factorization is 5*3*3=45. That's pretty good. I couldn't say 45! because that would be actually = 119622220865480194561963161495657715064383733760000000000


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the hair. And the great singing voice.


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