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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Original Hair Band

If you're like me, and who isn't these days, you tolerated the hairbands of the 1980's and 90's, occasionally enjoying the power love ballads and the vaudeville like antics of Poison, Ratt, Bon Jovi and others who filled the arenas in their day. But there was always something missing from hairdresser's specials that the original hairy ones did much better.

Perhaps it was the gift of not having an 8th grade English teacher who was enamored with the "poetry" of Simon and Garfunkel coupled with a winking sense of humor in the lyrics (I suppose Poison would qualify on that account), but it was mostly the do it yourself hair.

How about these lyrics that would get you kicked out of any respectable English Class in the 60's.

Cast your mind back ten years
To the girl who's next to me in school
If I put me hand upon her leg
She hit me with a rule

Though tomorrow won't be long
You're gonna have to play it cool
You get fascinated by her
She could set the place on fire

Run and get the fire brigade
Get the fire brigade
See the buildings start to really burn
Get the fire brigade
Get the fire brigade
If you jump you've got to wait your turn

Friends all seem to laugh
I fear I'm apt to make a compromise
Try to reassure myself
My head must need some exercise
Half past ten in the morning
She just took me by surprise
True she set the place on fire
You get fascinated by her

The lights across the street throw a rainbow
I'd love you all to meet her
I'll be there, I'll be there

Notice that my eyes have been
A misty place since Saturday
Brings a feeling we might lead
The fire engines anyway

Thats from Birmingham Englands, "The Move ", the precursor to the equally hairy Electric Light Orchestra. Here a shot from the hose with Roy Wood and The Move (pre Jeff Lyne) doing UK#3 Hit in 1968 "Fire Brigade"


Anonymous said...

Enough about hair bands. No one is interested. How about great moments in Wapella pinochle history?

Mr. Hoyle

Anonymous said...

You got anything from Art Wood? The Wood family rocks.

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