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Friday, February 6, 2009

Bailout Ronnie Wood

A the risk of being topical, this bailout thing has gone international with one of Wapella's favorite Londoners landing in the soup recently

Ron Wood is allegedly going broke, and has already blown through the $3.5 million that he earned on the Rolling Stones' last world tour. Britain's The Sun reported that Wood's finances have been left in charge of his stepson Jaime whom he raised since he was a toddler. Most of the losses are due to, "... a series of bad investments combined with a complicated network of off-shore accounts and various companies set up in family members' names."

A source close to Wood said, "Ron feels like everyone in his family is benefiting from his name except him. He wants it sorted out so he can start again. Keith Richards sent a message of support and expensive jewelry over Christmas to cheer his mate up. He also told him to get things sorted out."

Last fall, Wood left his family and moved into his Irish mansion with 18-year-old Russian waitress Ekaterina (Eka) Ivanova after meeting her at the premiere of the Stones' latest concert film, Shine A Light.

Ronnie may be bankrupt, but at least he has some expensive jewelry and an 18 year old girlfriend going for him. Here's tipping a glass to the Faces (and Rolling Stones) Ronnie Wood. Anyone want to take up a collection for him?


sempleman said...

I bought his autobiography for my sister at Christmas. Suppose that helped?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie gets little credit for his talent(s). Overshadowed by Jagger and Richards, I'd put his early work with Faces up against those two pre-RS. As for the 18 yr old waitress, rock on Ronnie. Remember: "money can't buy you love."
Kansas Cat

Anonymous said...

Not to knock Mick and Keith, but Ronnie is the adopted heart of the Stones.

Keep rocking, my man Ron.

Anonymous said...

And Ringo Starr is a good singer too. Any decent musician could succeed next to Jagger and Richards. Heck, our own BBD has more talent in his left pinky finger. Don't get me started with his musical abilities.


Anonymous said...

Listen don't let AW fool you - he brought the house down, (didn't miss a word, didn't miss a beat) at a little get together at Curi's a while back...Curi slipped in a CD and AW was on exaggeration bbd

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Wood was top-notch in The Faces!

sempleman said...

Anybody who wants to find out what the Faces were really all about should get the 4-disc box set Five Guys Walk Into a Bar. There is some amazing stuff on it, including versions of (early) Rod Stewart solo stuff with the Faces backing that totally kills the studio versions on the records. And every once in a while on VH1 Classic's "BBC Crown Jewels" you can catch them live on some BBC show in about '71 or '72.

Anonymous said...

Good call. I cherish that box set. The Faces don't get the respect they deserve.

Survivng memebers are touring soon!

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about some real rock and roll - anyone heard of a little group called Loverboy?....bbd

sempleman said...

Rule No. 465.73: "Rock and Roll" and "Loverboy" shall not be uttered in the same sentence, as they are diametrically opposed.

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