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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dirt and Grime Can Take a Breather...Dick Williams To Retire from Career of Dust Busting

If you can breathe a little easier, you may want to than Richard "Dick" Williams, one of the Wapella Vacuuming Hall of Fame for his long tenured career at Eureka/Electorlux designing some high suction cleaners that are also easier on the eyes.

In a career that stretched from the assembly line to the corporate office, from the east side of Bloomington, to the Iberian Penininsula, Dick Williams was the machinist's machinest, designing molds, dies, tools, and all sorts of widgets to wheel around your gobbling up dirt.

Today marks the final day in Dick Williams storied career at Eureka-Williams (Did Dick design the Williams Automatic Oil Burning Furnace?), with a grand ceremony planned in his honor.

Williams, a life long Waylon Jennings fan, has stated an interest in picking up the six string guitar and taking his act on the road, but no details have been confirmed.

Way to go Dick!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dick Williams! Did he ever miss a day of work? Top notch Wapella citizen.

Anonymous said...

Not only one of Wapella's finest but one of the best anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Congrats R Dubya - the question is what is the first project --- large fence between you and Dizz's yard? guest appearence on pimp my ride for the Chevelle? some bit roles in James Holland productions?


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