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Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Ought to Bar it

This sounds like an April Fools, but maybe Bobby Heenan was right about this guy...

From the AP

Minnesota wrestling legend Verne Gagne has been implicated in the death of a fellow nursing home resident, who died a few weeks after he was injured in an altercation with Gagne.

The incident was first reported by The Web site reported that both the 82-year-old Gagne and the man who died, 97-year-old Helmut Gutmann, were residents of the memory loss unit at Friendship Village in Bloomington and suffered from Alzheimer's-related dementia.

On Jan. 26, Gagne apparently threw Gutmann to the floor, breaking his hip. He was treated at a hospital and released, but was later re-hospitalized, KMSP-TV said. He died Saturday, the station said.

No charges have been filed. Bloomington Police Deputy Chief Perry Heles said they are investigating an incident at Friendship Village, but wouldn't confirm the identities of those involved. An official at the home did not immediately return a call for comment.


Anonymous said...

Listen Menacker, I've been on to this guy for years. He was a bum as a wrestler and could never hang with Bockwinkle and Stevens.

The Brain

Anonymous said...

It is clear from the absence of posts that most of the public lacks the cultural literacy that involves the history of Minnesota-based wrestling. A sad, sad day in history.

The Brain

Anonymous said...

Nonsense Heenan,

Two issues confuse you.

1) Elderwrestling leading to a fatality is a tough subject. Trying to get some comedy out of this is tough, given the long history in Wapella of Elderwrestling sans causalty.

2) The post Chili Supper doldrum is all over Hog City. Oscar-smaskar, the Chili Supper brings on a level of tension that makes most ignore the day-to-day issues of 1970's wrestling stars.

So you see, it is an aberration, but not an omission that keeps the Village from coming out in force against your menace the obvious mixup of St. Pat's pastor Heenahan being vexed with you Irish last name.


Anonymous said...

agree on the chili supper point...I'm still a little groggy from that....hats off for a splendid show by the WFD....Mary Holland pulls in the big raffle prize....


Anonymous said...

So what is the next big date on the Hog City social/culinary calendar?

The Brain

Anonymous said...

It is typically the 3rd Saturday of February. BBD....very nice to see you there with the youngens...

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