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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sea of Orange Spills Over Evanston

That's Evanston's Welsh Ryan arena you are looking after the Illini pulled out a 60-59 squeaker over the Northwestern Wildcats. Terrific game, (Purple) Wildcats were pulling away, till the Illini got into the nip and tuck press to tuck and nip like they do in Champaign.

Speaking if CU, the Orange Crush was out in force, easily outnumbering the Purple Homers making one of the great Big Ten in-state rivalries all the more challenging. At least three from WHS were spotted in attendance, as well as many from WHS being spotted in general.

Go Illini! Fight on Wildcats!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where all of the "Valley is the best" hoops fanatics had fled to of late. Are all Redbird fans busy making Final Four reservations?

James Nasmith

Anonymous said...

Get a life James Nasmith, the Redbirds are who we thought they were. I spot only two Wapella people in those photographs.

Redbird Man

Anonymous said...

33 pts and a home loss to the Nittany Lions is nothing to brag about. Pathetic display by the Orange and Blue. Starting to play back to the talent on the team. Nice to have another new Assembly Hall record! Good game.


Anonymous said...

Veritas...33 points is awful. Great defense is wasted. Let's hope the Illini can recover. In the mean time, lots of hoop to be played before the field of 64 is selected. The Illini get an 8 seed, the Redbirds get a 10 seed? The Big Ten will NOT get a 1 seed this year.

Where did I put those peach baskets?

James Nasmith not related to Michael Nesmith

Anonymous said...

Illinois have overachieved. I think they win one game in the tourney and are a second round out.

Anonymous said...

I recognize Coppenbarger and one of those Powers boys on the photo to the right.

87 wildcat

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