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Friday, November 7, 2008

When The Grungers Bought a Buddy Holly Album

Legend has it in 1989 Boston's atonal Pixies weren't getting much of anywhere with the Alternative Rock scene, so they chucked it for a song or two after buying a copy of Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits, and letting loose with the jangly "Here Comes Your Man" (now a part of the video game "Rock Band). Song made it to #3, and the Pixies had a surprise hit.

True to their anti-commercial roots, they generally did not play this in concert (ask Tim Mollet or Bill Williams who went to see them at Foellinger Auditorium in Champaign in 1990 to be sure), preferring the depressing dirges of Grunge Rock to the lure of a melody, but this one stands alone.

For two points, guitar fans, where did the Pixies pull the familiar (if a bit clipped off) opening chord? From another band mightily influenced by Buddy Holly.


Anonymous said...

Hard Days' Night. Fab Four.


Anonymous said...

My main man David Lowery on drums! bbd

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