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Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday 7th Son

Frequent contributor 7th Son celebrates a pair today, a pair of 4's that is, turning 44. Give him a full armed wave if you see him walking his burro, practicing his lefty hook, or cooking up some goldenrod around town.

Here's #44, Chuck Foreman, an old rival of 7th son, getting it done in 1975.


Anonymous said...

Happy 44=11*2*2 to 7Son. 7 is a prime number which leads to some of its intrigue I think.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday DIT!!!

If you were here I'd bake you a german chocolate cake.

I hope you live to be 100!

Anonymous said...

Buy me a megamillions ticket good for the next 15 draws will you?

This should be a lucky day for you.

Happy Birthday you little little little little Irishman.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, DIT. As fine a Wildcat as there ever was.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, coach.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday T Bird! Tune up the widowmaker and take a trip around the bases for ole # 44. But always remember, not the curve.


Anonymous said...

did anyone ever record the song "little little irishman"?

Anonymous said...

Best wishes Lips,


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to review that DIT perfected catching on the go with an auger wagon years ago, his tater skills were only topped by WHT and he is the only person I have ever seen get bite by a dog while in bed.....god that was funny!

I love ya like an uncle

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

And the Wapella connection continues. Chuck Foreman played high school football in Frederick Maryland not far from where I live. And of family is from Wapella.

Jim Rousey grandson of Bart Rousey

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