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Friday, November 28, 2008

Francis Greene "Come on Down"

You're the next contestant on

What? Is that a bird whistle I hear? Well set your VCR for 12/12/08 at 10AM CST, because Francis Gisimo Greene will be hard gauging the soft markets on the Price is Right with Drew Carey and Barker's Beauties on the Friday show.

Francis' agent reports other shows interested in the Hog City native, including Dancing with Stars, A co-host position on a new version of Card Sharks (replacing the late Bert Convy) and a reprisal of his previous role as Joan Collins first husband on Dynasty.

Here's regular contributor Sempleman telling the tale of Francis' performance in a Pantagraph lead item:

In California to visit his mother, Francis Greene and his wife, Trudy, got tickets in hopes of catching a taping of the classic game show, “The Price Is Right.” “I just wanted to get on TV,” said Greene.

After an early arrival for an Oct. 13 taping at CBS Television City in Los Angeles and a little bit of luck, Greene got his wish and a lot more as he was asked by show announcer Rich Fields to “Come on down!” and be a contestant on the show, now in its 37th season.

“When they announced my name, Trudy pointed at me and said, ‘That’s you!’” Greene said. “I think I tripped on the way to Contestant’s Row.”

Holding tickets to a taping does not guarantee that you’ll be part of the studio audience because more tickets are issued than there is capacity in the studio, so people in line are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Greene said that while he wanted to get there early, his sister woke him up at 2:30 a.m. because her watch was still on Illinois time. The Greenes decided to go ahead to the studio, where they found several people already in line.

Eventually, studio personnel began taking groups of 15 and asking each person their name, where they were from and what they did for a living.

“They choose the contestants on the basis of that 10- or 15-second interview,” explained Greene.

Greene said he began to get nervous after a lady in line behind him said she saw someone writing his name down.

“She said ‘Francis, you’re going down!’” Greene said. “I didn’t want to be disappointed, but I started to think what I would do if I was chosen as a contestant.”

Greene’s $925 bid on a treadmill was “closest to the actual retail price without going over,” earning him an on-stage appearance with host Drew Carey and a chance to play “Switcheroo,” in which two items are shown with prices and the contestant has to decide whether to keep them as they are or switch them.

Viewers can catch the rest of Greene’s appearance when the episode airs Dec. 12. WMBD 31 in Peoria broadcasts “The Price Is Right” at 10 a.m.

Greene said Carey was a gracious host.

“He is really funny,” said Greene. “When you get into the studio and they start playing the music, you can really feel the excitement.”

Insert signature bird whistle here


Anonymous said...

any other wapella residents been guests on game shows? you would think.

sempleman said...

Without revealing Francis' success, make sure you tune in or record this. It will be worth your while!

Anonymous said...

DVR'd it! Too fun to see Frances on tv! I wonder if he kept that fireplace and will we see him riding a dirt bike around Heyworth? What did his shirt mean...TPIR or something...

sempleman said...

His shirt says "Illinois (hearts) TPIR and Drew." What a geek!

greenee said...

...a bit late but TPIR stands for The Price Is Right...his shirt read "Illinois loves TPIR and Drew" his wife's shirt says, "I just love Drew"..this, I'm sure helped the "GEEK" get on the show ....

Anonymous said...

Francis was great as and helped the show and tryed to say hello to family and friend in home town. Good job.

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