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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Helmets, No Pads, It's the Turkey Bowl In Wapella

A faithful reader has forwarded a message to, inviting all Wapella Athletes to compete in a Turkey Bowl Football Derby in Mary Powers front yard around 9AM Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) morning.

Reader BBD promises celebrities including the Wickenhauser Brothers, Ralph "Crash" Cooper, and legendary Lefty Earl Nelson will appear.

Come on Finger's, Mollett's, Priest's, Springman, Deeters, Toohill's, Thomas', Schanafelt's, Ryan's and all other Wildcats, if you are up to the challenge. Win big prizes, annoy your friends, amuse your enemies, all the right stuff to make this Thanksgiving start with a short trip to the emergency room.

Update: Wapella Wins in a shootout, 49-42. MVP Jay "Jaybird" Wickenhauser WHS '89


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there and expect a full report on this site Fri. I played a lot of pickup ball in Hog City and would have enjoyed some Thanksgiving hogball.

Was Francis stalking the sideline like a Celtic Paul Bryant? Did Jim Hull have the phones on from atop a grain bin calling in plays? Did Jeff Finger sufficiently protect the beer cooler? Did Fryman tree service supply the aerial cam? I hope Dana was not on call today so she could treat the pulled groins and ruptured goiters.

Anonymous said...

This year's game really lacked intensity due to abscence of AWM, normally found drawing up trick plays on the sidelines, smoking Marlboro Lights.

You were missed, AWM.

Anonymous said...

Question: Would Paul Bryant already be Celtic, thereby eliminating the need to call Francis a "Celtic" Paul Bryant?

From the surname "Bryan":
Irish and English: from the Celtic personal name Brian (see O’Brien). Breton bearers of this name were among the Normans who invaded England in 1066, and they went on to invade and settle in Ireland in the 12th century, where the name mingled with the native Irish name Brian. This native Irish name had also been borrowed by Vikings, who introduced it independently into northwestern England before the Norman Conquest.

Assuming Bryant is a variation, then chances are good he already had some Celtic blood coursing through his veins...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words. Sorry to have missed the game. By the way, those are Ultra Lights.

As far as Paul Bryant being Celtic, it is an interesting question and some sound scholarship behind the discussion. Most, if not all Bammers don't care for any scholarly talk when it comes to football. They do believe that Nick Saban is the second coming of "The Bear."


Anonymous said...

Celtic blood and bourbon.

Joe Namath

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