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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Mourns the Passing of Bob McCluggage

Bob McCluggage, a long time Wapella resident, has passed away at age 68. McCluggage worked in various agricultural related businesses in DeWitt County and for the State of Illinois for over 30 years with a track record endearing him to many in Wapella and the rest of the county.

McCluggage, who naturally attracted nicknames, was known by the classic moniker "Suitcase", and was perhaps the only person who could carry such a well-tuned name with such pride. A star athlete in High School, who continued to excel in sports well into his 40's, Bob was always a leader at a pickup softball or basketball game. A superb driver, Bob worked in professional tractor pulling, as well as being a marathon capable agricultural worker.

Though originally from Cincinnati, and a Red's fan to the core, Suitcase McCluggage was regarded by many in Wapella as a family member and has been named by the Board of Wapella Historians, an honorary Wildcat.

Flags 1/2 mast please for US Army Veteran, Robert McCluggage.


Anonymous said...

RIP Suitcase.

Anonymous said...

SUITCASE = INSTANT HALL OF FAME MATERIAL.....always an exceedingly pleasant time when Suitcase was in the house....

Won't be the same without you Suitcase; you left some unbelievable memories.....bbd

Anonymous said...

Comedy night won't be the same at the Green Ring without Suitcase!!!

Anonymous said...

Suitcase is for sure Hog City Hall of Fame material! A Wildcat with no enemies! A man who plowed the most straightest furrow known to mankind. He pulled countless stranded motorist out of snow drifts in conditions not fit for man nor beast. Give a toast of Blue Ribbon for a Blue Ribbon Man!

Anonymous said...

One of my fondest memories of Suitcase was watching game 1 of the 1987 World Series with him. He was a true Wildcat. He will be greatly missed. RIP Suitcase.


Anonymous said...

I move that the five year waiting period be waived so that Suitcase can go right into the Wapella Hall of Fame.

Do I hear a second?


Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Suitcase

Here is a man that knew how to leave a room on a highnote; he'd hit our table for one last joke before he left The Green Ring, and immediately following the punchline, he'd say "be good" and out the door he'd go.

The last of the true tavern comedians.

Anonymous said...

RIP Robert McCluggage, aka the George Foster of central Illinois. The man could hit. Long line drives with power and depth sprung from his bat. And he played with great cheer.


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