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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quiz: Match Jobs with Rock and Roll Stars

Some of you might think that you want to be a Rock and Roll Star.
Then listen now to what I say, Just get an electric guitar, Then take some time and learn how to play, And with your hair combed right, And your pants fit tight, It's gonna be all right.

But others have to work for a living, so here is a quiz for you. Match the rock star with his day job before hitting the big time.

1) Roger Daltrey (The Who)
2) Paul Westerberg (The Replacements)
3) Sting
4) Bill Wyman (Bass Player, Rolling Stones)
5) Elvis Costello
6) Mick Jagger
7) Jimi Hendrix
8) Ray Davies (Kinks)

A) Computer Programmer at Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics
B) Janitor for a Congressman
C) RAF Clerk
D) US Air Force Paratrooper
E) Drywall Hanger
F) Art School Student
G) High School Teacher
H) London School of Economics Student


Anonymous said...

I can only get 5 0f 8...

Daltrey - Dry Wall
Westerberg - Janitor
Costello - Elizabeth Arden
Hendrix - U.S. AirForce Paratrooper
Davies - Art Student

Speaking of Ray Davies, he put on a [b]HELL[/b] of a show last night at the Chicago Theater. If you skipped out, you missed out.

Thank you for the days.....

Anonymous said...

Without checking to try to finish out, I think Sting taught high school (english?), Jagger was @ LSE and process of elimination (assuming eep is correct which I do), Wyman was an RAF clerk....bbd

Anonymous said...

Jimi Hendix was in the 101st Airborne (U.S. Army) not in the USAF. Lots of 101st alumns in Wapella area.


Anonymous said...

Sting was a teacher. Very impressive EEP on your "rock star before they were stars" knowledge.

Anonymous said...

1. Daltrey - E.
2. Westerberg - B.
3. Sting - G.
4. Wyman - C.
5. Elvis - A.
6. Jagger - H.
7. Hendrix - D.
8. Davies - F.

JBP said...

Good point, MPT. I copied that entry from another website, but the 101st is Army. I apologize to the Hendrix and Toohill families for not catching that error before publication.

How did that work during WW2, was that US Army Air Corps?


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