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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday BBD!

What kind of man is obsessed with thumping the Bellflower Dragons 25 years after the fact? Our own Beat Bellflower Day, today celebrating his 41st year as the nemesis of Bellflower and the Harden family. Coach Harden had 373 lifetime wins, incidentally.

Here is a nice shot of a plant named Creeping Bellflower, aptly enough our BBD has been creeping the Bellflower Dragons nearly 2 generations.

What Wapella celebrity originally hails from Bellflower? Family member disqualified from response.


Anonymous said...

I just noted in a private email for bbd's bday that his new age, 41 is a prime number. How about that! It turns out Coach Harden's number of lifetime wins, 373, is also a prime number. Connections??


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day, cousin/fellow Aries. I believe the Bellflower native is none other than Sally (Leonard) Toohill.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, BBD!
Truly a Wapella Hall-of-Famer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Mod - happy birthday to TRC as well from Monday. Her son played a fine game of basketball last night.

Let me clarify this a little, I am partially responsible for at least 2 of Coach Harden's 373 lifetime wins. Bellflower beat our cats twice in 1985 in very close games - one of which was double OT if I remember correctly at the Thunderdome. It's too bad as we had a nice team.

RJT, the Texas fish hunting Merida, and the great Coop may remember the orginial "Beat Bellflower Day" was an attempt to drum up ethusiam for maybe a volleyball match, baseball game, and something else that occurred on the same day in the fall of maybe 83/84. I think it was an excuse to have an assembly and get out of class. Anyway, Bellflower tragically ran the table on us. They always played our wildcats very tough.

Even though Sally Leonard Toohill is a Bellflower native, she was always one of the greatest Wildcat fans - e.g. she didn't pull a Roy Williams (inappropriate fan behavior in my humble opinion) and wear her Bellflower cheerleading suit if the Wildcats fell upon hard times. your truly, bbd

Anonymous said...

Or how about Belleflower apples, which is considered the real reason why the community got its' name because of a resident's smittance with those type of apples.

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleanos, Country Boy. You are not the only Wildcat to have succumbed to Coach Harden. I suspect quite a few of those W's came at the expense of the Blue and White.

Why didn't the Dragons adopt SAT's signature color rather than green?


Anonymous said...

BBD, did your Blue and White squad win the tomahawk back from the Dragons for the last time? Happy b-day. Remembered tagging along with mother to visit you and RJ for a birthday dinner over at C-U while you where attending college back in mid-80's. Also remembered getting the early college culture when Cherokee and I spent the weekend at the apartment on campus. World Series baseball at the Union arcade was one of the highlights.


Anonymous said...

D Weldon beat Bellflower to grab end of regular season t-hawk in final year of Kickapoo. We got lucky and to play DW in regionals and also got lucky to beat them on last second Todd Davis shot. So T-hawk is fixture at grade school.

BTW - on a final birthday note, I received birthday greetings via email from Iraq from the great Billy Williams himself. He confirms that he saw Jessica Simpson in Kuwait (didn't ask about the photo) and also confirms that she looks nothing like wildcat great Randy Simpson. bbd

Anonymous said...

Bradbury, Springer, Jamison, Harden, Beckley, Builta, Schroeder just to name a few. Happy B-day bbd. Can't remember exactly why we had Beat Bellflower Day but do remember them spending the night at the thunderdome after being thumped by Clancy/Lips class of 82 in an overtime Wildcat hoops victory. (they stayed because of blizzard but Lips and myself made it home fine) RJT

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