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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take a left at Panola and Practice Practice Practice

The answer to age old joke, "how do you have the best Christmas Song in Roanoke" takes a modern twist with on-line voting at

Vote Here

There is nothing quite as soothing as the voice of Woodford County residents bellowing Christmas songs. Take a look at Roanoke and fill the ballot box with your choice.

Update: I didn't think this looked like Roanoke Illinios. That picture, and link is from Roanoke Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Now this Tad Dickens guy (real name?) can run a website. Makes our mod (to quote a wise man from Leroy) look Mickey Mouse. bbd

Anonymous said...

I won't bad mouth our mod for " has been very good to me"(thank you Sammy Sosa) but I do love the Mickey Mouse phrase when used in the correct context.

What do you get when you mix WOODFORD COUNTY AND DEWITT COUNTIES FINEST?.......................

Jennifer, James & Jerry

JBP said...

Dickens can have all the Roanoke he likes.

In the Hog City School of Internet Design, they teach only two things. "Content is King, and Lady Luck is Queen". I am going with Lady Luck shining on the Wildcats on this one.

Anonymous said...

Could you fix "Comments" so it doesn't bleed into "Show Original Post" If you could fix this you would be almost perfect.

Anonymous said...

Is that the southeast corner of Roanoke? Can anyone name the town that was named after?

hint- there is a golf course there.

Jbp - don't fall for that sugar-talk from those twins.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Metamora's finest today.


Anonymous said...

A little sugar never hurts!

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