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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Does Jim Bell have Eligibility Left?

In a confusing story, Illinois basketball coach Bruce Weber announced today the signing of Stan Simpson to a national letter of intent on the first day of the fall signing period. An alert reader in Jayhawk country brings up a good question:
Simpson was known to be a good ballplayer, and his kids were all fine Wildcat athletes, but Simpson has to be a 1949 vintage.

Why not go with a younger player? Doesn't Red still use the push shot rather than the jump shot?

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Simpson "49 or "50. Bell good choice along with Kent Harris.

Anonymous said...

I think Randy Simpson scored 26 in one of the all time great upsets in WHS history. I believe Hey High was a one seed and WHS an 8 seed in that game. I also believe the game began with a very impressive Tommy Smith dunk on a tip play.

Back on topic, WHS Stan has no college eligibilty unless he was on a religious mission or some type of military deal. Is Stan a Morman - I don't recall that.


vptrox said...

Check him out at

Anonymous said...

Mod and Readers,

My concern in notifying the Mod of this fete, was that Weber may be trying to capture Central Illinois talent since he has been shut out of Chicago. Many names come to mind that he may try and snag as his next recruit: Jim B has already been mentioned, Suitcase, and many others to note.

When will Jankovich at ISU catch on the talent pool in Wapella?

Kansas Cat

Anonymous said...

I think the Big 10 prohibits anyone playing thats arms will fit in the valve thingy on the bball. Hence Suitcase is SOL.

JBP said...


Good point on Bob Mc possible NCAA violations.

You know that Bob's brother (Don?) shut down Bobby Knight at Orville High School in Ohio one time.

Could the needle valve issue be what kept the McClugidges out of Big 10 play? It certainly wasn't lack of talent.

Two points if anyone can name another Big 10 coach that graduated from (or maybe just coached at)Orville High.


Anonymous said...

Bob Knight and Ron Zook - I-Row 2, Wapella 0

Anonymous said...

They could have used some help last night at College Park. I was there and sat next to some Illinois fans.

JBP said...

Bob Mc's brother was named Kenny. He was a pipeline worker (so was Suitcase for a while).

Kenny was a pleasant guy and had no trouble fitting in to the Wapella lifestyle during his periodic visits to see Bob. He died rather young (60 or so), had great sports stories, and had been everywhere in the US, including working on the Alaska Pipeline in the 1970's.

Anonymous said...

Another Wapella tie. This happens all too frequently.

I live in Maryland and attended the game, Chester Frazier is from Maryland also.


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting story JB. Was that while Suitcase was holding the Japanese off with a .22 at Midway? :) Actually the biggest impairment to Suitcase's BBall prowess was playing D with a cooler of Pabst in one hand. However it did lead him to invent the one handed tomahawk windmill slam Michael Jordon did in Space Jam. He told me that at the Cove the other day.

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