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Friday, November 30, 2007


Evel Knievel, the inspiration to generations of Wapella cyclists, has died at age 69. Knievel made the Wide World of Sports a great Saturday entertainment piece witch his Daredevil Motorcycling.

Making it to age 69 is a minor miracle for Knievel. What an entertainer and sportsman.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a dispute over which Hog City great most resembled Evel during his hey day. Some say the Ryan boys on their mini-bikes terrorizing Jimtown, others mention Gene Whitted crossing Rt. 51. There seems to be some discussion regarding a jump by one of the Schmid boys too. Motorcycle antics and Hog City 1970's style. It never got any better than that.


Anonymous said...

Very good, J.B. you now get an A+ on headlines and comment spacing, I believe that makes you perfect. Don't you agree DIT?

Evel did not have anything on Wapella kids driving on the Wapella - Farmer City blacktop.

Anonymous said...

He's getting better all the time, always room for improvement. Careful mod, you'll be washing windows & moving furniture in Texas before you'll know what hit ya.


Anonymous said...

Evel inspired many a wreck out at RR2. How many Sutan (a herbacide that came in 5 gallon cans)cans do you think he could have jumped? I think the record was 9.

Anonymous said...

Evel's costume looks like a helmet that Murph86 once sported.


Anonymous said...

One of the finest Evel imposters was none other than my cousin, Jeff Finger. He had a little black Harley Davidson and was very daring with it. Not too far from Bob and Betty Thorp's, our little "Evil" decided to stand up on the seat of his "mini hog", let go of the hand grips and promptly took a dive across the oil and chip road. Once home, Aunt Judy made him take a bath before she took him to the emergency room.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Clintonite,

That's a heavy order you've passed on to the community that's a little off topic and seems designed to re-ignite some sore wounds. Before going into any details, do you have any special insights into what Evel K. thought about the Wapella school system controversy? I think that might add to the discussion and remain on topic.


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather listen to Motorhead & talk EK than hear about school stuff. Move on Clintonite. Think rock and roll and motorcycle jumps.

Anonymous said...

Clintonite, do you have any affiliation to the Constitution? That is, the other Clintucky periodical that stirs controversy from week to week. If you want blow
by blow commentary of hot air, i suggest you keep reading it.
Keep the classic YouTube posts coming!

Retired Chief

Anonymous said...


I believe those cans were TREFLAN, they sure didn't give much when my face went flying into one trying to match your record. You were definitely one of IR's top daredevils. Must have been something about the class of 79' PS,JF,GW,MPT...risk-takers? HG & BEP - any stories?


Moderator said...

The HG daredevillings were oriented around Model Rockets that approached military grade, and the lack of a guidance system after launching them.

Hard to do many cycling tricks when your bicycle was full of newspapers.


Anonymous said...


Sutan and treflan both cause addictive tendency and homosexuality when children inhale the fumes. Besides 6 cans is for flatland sissy maries like you 2

All my love, your special nephew
Solomon ek

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