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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Halftime Report

Wapella is leading Bloomington 28-21 at RR1 Wapella field. All players, coincidentally are great great grandsons of Patrick Toohill. MP Toohill has just arrived from Fairbury for halftime relief.
UPDATE: Wapella wins big 72-21. The addition of MP Toohill at halftime was just what the Wildcats needed. Bloomington added up the ages, and noted that Wapella had a hundred year age advantage, however, if off road miles are included the ages are roughly equivalent according to the booth, the play stands.


Anonymous said...

Name the martyr whose last words were "Viva Cristo Rey"

Anonymous said...


Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio.

Now onto the game. HG was on the road, and showed up after the Irish Row-based crowd had departed. Perhaps they had word that I was on the way and found an excuse for an early departure. The edge of town Irish always have had the edge!

Let me also highly recommend the movie "Dodgeball," which Mom and I watched last night. Yes, a couple of rules were changed from WHS rules. But I have no doubt that the wiliest player, MPT, must have been a consultant for this first class film.


Anonymous said...


Good answer, however Miguel Pro, who was killed three months before Jose, was the first. Fr. Pro's feast day was yesterday, either way, Viva Christo Rey!

I agree that the EOTI are a bit edgy, but I love ya anyway.


Anonymous said...

What about representing the edgiest of the edgy? The Wapella/Bloomington Irish mix, of which stock those EOTI boys come from as well.

Mix in some Ryan (Bloomington bloodline) Carroll, O'Neill, Costigan blood and some Kinsella and other bloodlines from the EOTI, and you have the makings of a didge ball fest the likes of which Jerry P had never seen before.

Every-man-for-himself dodgeball was an all-time fave for class of '91.

Anonymous said...

Didgeball = dodgeball. Friggin' typos.

Danny Freedom said...

For some reason starting about 1986 the Toohill Thanksgiving tackle football game was put on hiatus every time I came to visit for the holiday.

Some of the most shocking memories I have of my youth are uncles tackling cousin Carl (and that was the basketball games).

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