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Friday, November 30, 2007

Dupage County Reader Recommends Mobile Rock and Roll

This in from an alert reader in DuPage County. The song "Let it Rock", really does the trick. Here it is done by a Welshman, Dave Edmunds, with Nick Lowe and Rockpile.


Here is a version of same by Motorhead. Great rock, but keep in mind the firey guitar solo is by Dave Letterman's own Sid McGinnis, not Lemmy or Phil Campbell.


Anonymous said...

Testing, testing. To see if comment bleeds into headlineg.

Anonymous said...

A true rockin' rendition, but is it better than the Motorhead version also located on the youtube website? I say put 'em both out there and let the readers decide.


Anonymous said...

Motorhead version is hard to beat especially with Paul Schaeffer on piano. His white boots and get-up is Hog City style.


Moderator said...


Lemmy looks great. Muttonchops, skin could use some moisturizer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for connecting me to Rockpile's videos...was great to hear and see them do "Crawlin' From the Wreckage" as well as "So It Goes," which are two of my faves.

Here's another question any Hog City alum should be able to answer: which late '70s teen movie had "So It Goes" in its soundtrack?

I'll give you this much of hint: Eve Arden played a militaristic principal in the movie.

JBP said...

Rock and Roll High School, starring the Ramones and PJ Soles(sp?) of Stripes fame...too easy, next.


Anonymous said...

JB, we've got to do this again (and a nudge to the mod about this). Thanks for your participation.

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