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Friday, May 6, 2011 Welcomes Randy Johnson Just For Men Promotion

Your beard is weird?

What a day for fireballing sports legend Randy Johnson! Guaranteed Hall of Famer, Randall David Johnson, nicknamed "The Big Unit", has joined sports greats Mex Hernandez, Emmet Smith and Clyde Frazier on the Just For Men hair and beard dye commercials.

If you haven't seen this commercial, click on the video and see our sports legends in action. Congrats to Randy Johnson on his inclusion in this league of honor.

Just for Men prefers that Hernandez’s mustache be of a continually dark hue; the company does not mind if he keeps his hair dark, too, but his deal is strictly facial. Two executives have the additional corporate assignment of contacting him when they spot his color fading and suggest that it is time for a touch-up.

“During the season, I use it quite a bit,” said Mex Hernandez, the Mets’ former first baseman. “I can’t have gray.”

Just For Men's Lerch said, “When we remind him, it’s more like kidding him.”

Frazier needs no such reminders from the home office in White Plains; he is so fastidious about hiding the encroaching gray. But in the off-season, invisible to his gel masters, Hernandez lets the gray show in the signature facial hair that was voted the top sports mustache ever last year by the American Mustache Institute.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Randy Johnson who was a student at WCGS in the early 1970s? What has happened to other Johnson family members? If memory serves was not there a Tina Johnson?


Anonymous said...

Good question, Hoosier Gato. The Wapella RJ was a known spitwad fireballer, and a very good guy.

My question is: if these ads were generated from Wapella's graying crowd, whom would be included?

Badger Cat

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Ricky Johnson would be driving the beardmobile

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