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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan Curi! would like to wish Ryan Curi, son of Mark and Teresa Ryan Curi (WHS '82) a happy 21st birthday. Curi will be a senior at the University of Illinois, and is a well regarded gentleman in the Glen Elyn Illinois area, where he excels at athletic, cultural and mercantile pursuits.

Congratulation Ryan on your 21st!

A young Al Pacino stands in for Ryan Curi in absence of a more appropriate photo


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Here's an offer you can't refuse---study for your econ final before you celebrate turning 21!


Anonymous said...

its nothing personal, its strictly business. take care of that business tonight big guy

Anonymous said...

Happy 21 RC. You are well on your way to being the spokesperson of what I (and many others) like to call "Glen Ellyn Style"


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan
I agree w/ Hoosier Gato, now that you are 21, additional responsibilities are on the horizon. One of which is carrying forward the mantle of "GES". To date, I have not seen signs that you possess "GES" but know that you will be striving for this in the future.
Uncle Badger Cat

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