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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from Don's World of Beef!

It's only natural that would become one of the leading repositories for arcania and memorabilia concerning Don's World of Beef, as we have been noted as the 7th most active curator of DWOB information on the internet today by informed sources. Actually we the only people even mildly concerned with Don's World of Beef, but who is counting?

So when a thoughtful reader sent us a shot of a Don's World of Beef Mug, well of course it is the 1st post of the New Year.

A logo featuring a Steer, impaled by a two pennant flag declaring "Don's" and"World of Beef" is what brought the customers into the popular restaurant, but first-class service and hosting by some of Wapella's finest is what kept them coming back for more.

And the slogan "Where it's Love at First Bite" didn't hurt anything either, along with the floating dentures. Come to think of it the floating dentures might have driven more customers away than it brought in.

Thanks to Missouri reader Chris in Missouri for sharing the shot of the mug, or the mugshot if you will. Keep 'em coming and we will continue to be the leader in Don's World of Beef History.


Anonymous said...

Is that a polled hereford or an angus?


Unknown said...

Does anyone have the recipe for the wonderful relish that Don's World of Beef served?

Unknown said...

My parent's operated the Don's World of Beef on 9th & Minnesota in KCK. Later they bought it from Don & Lenny and it was called World of Beef LTD. I would love to get a hold of the person that has the glass, I will purchase it from you.Seeing this bought back so many memory's. After the closed WoB in the late 70's Mom worked at the one at Indian Springs and so did I. Matter of fact between Minnesotta Ave, Indian Springs, Downtown Mo at Oak St and the one off Roe my Mom and Sisters worked at one time or another.

macrobatic said...

I have three of these available. If you are still interested let me know.

JBP said...

Sure, how can I get my hands on some DWOB tumblers?

macrobatic said...

Email me at and we can work out the details.

Sjn said...

Hello to all of the posters here. My daughter was looking up Don's World of Beef the other night and found this site. I am one of Don's daughters. I worked in the business for many years from cleaning off tables when I was in my teens to managing several of the restaurants later on.
Nice to know my dad still has a following ��

Lisa Campbell Ernst said...


I'm interested in the history of Don's World of Beef. Did your father start it all? What's the story?

Unknown said...

I'm Betty Bruce daughter. Mom ran the 9th & Minnesota for them for a long time. Would love to talk to you.

Lisa Campbell Ernst said...

Shelly, you responded to my post but I've lost it! Can you contact me again? So sorry. Thanks.

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