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Friday, January 14, 2011

Vote for the Tuscola Strangler

Union Pacific Railroad is running and interesting contest. You can vote here to determine the route of an old-timey Steam Engine that will travel around a good chunk of the United States on a historical promotional tour.

The Board of Wapella Historians has officially endorsed the UP Route from Boone Iowa to Tuscola (Villa Grove) Illinois, via Marshalltown, DeWitt and Clinton Iowa, Glen Elyn Illinois, and Woodland Illinois before terminating in Tuscola. We named it the Tuscola Strangler, which probably isn't the name that UP would have chosen, but it has a more risk taking sound to it.

The Union Pacific website is pretty slick, and you can vote every day. The Tuscola route is leading right now, but the Little Rock Express is only a few votes behind.

Wapella is a rail town with a huge history in the Rail Industry. What better way to take a glimpse at our past than to watch a bit of Big Steam cross the Prairie? Ok, it would be better if it went from Heyworth to Clinton and back again, but this is as close as UP is coming. Vote Illinois style, early and often.

You can vote ever day. Vote Tuscola Here

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