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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Even More Historic Churches of Wapella: Presbyterians and the Opera House

Here are two good shots of the Opera House, which was formerly the Presbyterian Church.

A bit on the Presbyterian Church from the Centennial booklet

The Presbyterian Church of Wapella was organized May
26, 1868. Some of the first charter members were John and
Jane Potter, Homer, Mary and Martha Buck, Thomas, George
and Lucinda, Hugh and Emehne Watson, EH and Zavilda Cant-
rall, Joshua Hull, Nancy Hickle, Susanna Certwill, S. A. and
Mary Longbrake, James Ellis, Ray Nelson, Mary Abbott, and
Marcuda Hull. The building and lot cost about $4,000, and
$7,000 was the amount paid for the pastor's salary and for
other church purposes. The following ministers served as pas-
tors: Samuel Stevenson, A. L. Knox, W. L. Rabbe, and W. W.

A Sabbath School was organized in the fall of 1871 and
continued for about five years, but the members becoming few
in number and living in the country, it was disbanded and united
with other schools. The church was abandoned about 1876
and bought by Mr. Spafford and used for an opera house; then
in turn was owned by A. A. Alexander, Frank Cunningham,
and W. A. Graham. It was located on the lot across the street
from the Kenneth Duncan residence, but was moved to its pres-
ent location in 1908 by W. A. Graham, who now uses it for a
garage. The Rev. Samuel Stephenson was the pastor that held
the last church services in the Presbyterian Church.

One is in it's original location and the other is on main street after it was Graham's Garage. Note that the building resembles a church, has church windows and the base of a steeple or bell tower. The latter shot was taken shortly after the new firehouse was built.

Hat Tip, as always to Wapella's ace of photographers, George Spray.


Anonymous said...

It all makes sense now...Will there remain any unopened chapters of Wapella history in the coming days?


JBP said...

I am planning a series on the history of Leash Laws in Wapella, culminating in Wapella's status today as the Free Range Dog capital of the Midwest.


Anonymous said...

Does the canine book have any relationship to the Don's World of Beef postings?

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