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Friday, March 26, 2010

Wapella Wildcats Gym Clothes Coming Back

You may have thought Wapella High Sporting Goods were a thing of the past, but then you may not had heard of an old sparring partner of ours from Clinton, one Junior Monkman, who is working in the sports clothing industry.

Junior was a ferocious competitor in his day, one of the best pitchers in the strong Clinton Khoury League of the 1970's and 80's. Always a good sport, Monkman took his victories in stride and suffered only a few defeats from his northern neighbors in Wapella. So what better way to bring it home than selling sweatshirts to Hog City's sporting types.

Monkman now hangs his warm up jacket at Minerva Sporting Goods in Bloomington, Illinois, and has worked on a design project to get some Wapella Merchandise into circulation. This so far is the marketing plan (and a good one, I may add)

They will be gray w/ WAPELLA above the old wildcat head and WILDCATS below. Richie Underwood is researching the opening and closing years for the school to put that at the bottom as well. I guess Raymond Toohill and Susie Underwood had been part of a group of about 35 who ordered the first wave of tees recently...
These are ballpark estimates of cost...
$10 - short slv tee
$13 - long slv tee
$19 - crew neck swtshrt
$30 - hoodie swtshrt
$35 or more - two-tone hoodie (gray & royal blue)
These are for size Youth Med-XL
XXL add $2
XXXL add $4

I am all in on this project, and would be glad to post a link Junior, if you have a way to buy on line. That not happening, Toohill's and Underwood's are fantastic contacts for pretty much anything Wapella related. Richie, Raymond and Susie are a killer combo...go with it.

It's all Facebook, Mobile Phones, Computers and Technology anymore, and everyone is getting in on the act from Junior Monkman to George Jones, who went hi-tech a long time ago with this (update of the Love Bug number) Hi-Tech Redneck. Order in Bulk and Save!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, can you still get the really tight shorts?


Anonymous said...

One size fits all: Skimpy

Unknown said...

Are these still available and who do I contact. My email is

Unknown said...

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